Clinic Guidelines

The Clinic operates on an appointment system. This system improves patient care and provides the least amount of waiting. All patients who come to the Pediatric Clinic will be seen in the following order:

a.    Emergencies
b.    Patients with scheduled appointments
c.    Patients who walk into the clinic without appointments

All patients with an acute problem will be seen, but those in category three may have a substantial waiting time.

As has been our policy, no acute patient will be turned away during regular clinic hours. Any patient, however, who is a “walk-in” of a non-emergency nature, must realize that the waiting time may be as long as 30 minutes at most.  As much as possible patients are asked to call prior to coming into the clinic to get a same day appointment in order to minimize waiting time.

• You may call first for confirmation of pediatrician’s availability.
• We accept walk-in / referred / new  patients anytime within clinic time schedule but must wait for their turn since we prioritize patients with appointments.
• For old patients with immunization schedule, clinic in-charge will remind the patients’ guardian/parents a day or two (2) days before the appointment for clients’ confirmation.
• If there are no appointments available through the appointment system, please call to speak to our physician to determine if the child has to be seen on a same-day basis.
• Patients with immunization schedule have to bring their immunization record / baby record book  / medical records for easy reference and must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
• Parents are requested to make arrangements for the care of other children who do not have appointments in the Pediatric Clinic. This will minimize the number of children who may be exposed to illness or have to be left unattended. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their own children while in the clinic.
• Specialty care appointments in pediatric cardiology, pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric developmental screening, pediatric gastroenterology (GI clinic), pediatric endocrinology, pediatric rheumatology, pediatric pulmonary and pediatric neurology, pediatric hematology/oncology are advice to please coordinate with the above contacts for referral and help you out for the arrangement of schedules

Laboratory Work and Tests
If you need to stop in for laboratory tests right after appointments, clinic staff will assist you and make follow-up for the laboratory results for your convenience.